I know we are all in a state of shock. When you woke up this morning, this was the last bit of Kings news you expected. Mark Hardy is part of the Kings family and nobody wants to see something like this happen.

Jacob already provided you with some background information. Based on what is called a “proffer of facts” document in DC (which is a short version of stating a document in support of the facts), “the complainant immediately awakened, jolted away from the defendant and asked, ‘What just happened? The complainant saw that Hardy was lying right next to her in bed.” The alleged victim, according to prosecutors, then ran from the bedroom, cried on a couch for about 10 minutes before she went to the front desk where employees of the hotel summoned police. Mark Hardy was then taken into custody. Prosecutors wrote that both Hardy and the victim were “very intoxicated” at the time of the alleged incident, which occurred around 1 a.m. Friday.

This is all we know. I hope you all agree that it is far too early to offer any opinion on the subject, as it is too soon to discuss what impact, if any, this will have on our team and its coaching. is gathering more information including the specific charges, the specific allegations and more objective facts on this news that has stunned the Kings’ fan base.

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  1. Agree. We don’t know anything about what happened (i.e. the truth). Having said that, seems embarassing.

    I was jonesing for Kings news and activity but this was not what I had in mind…

    • Steve S,I concur.A beloved member of our Kings family.Guilty or innocent,I think his family is going to feel it the most.

      Very sad.


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