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  1. Good for him… I like him.. think he is a good one for our kings.. jsut needs seasoning.. when he is on his game he makes an
    impression.. as far as the $$ goes.. I don’t understand that part very well.. hope it made him happy.. and I will just say it..
    I so HATE the free agency.. think it totally ruins team sports.. whoever came up with it..
    thumbs all the way down.. for all team sports..
    TEAM equals UNITY.. not ME ME ME.. and that is
    what happens.. my opinion…the end.

    • You hate the free agency and whoever came up with it? You hate the fact that a player, in any team sport, can choose his or her employer? Do you also hate the fact that you, whatever it is you do for a living, can change employers if that company ( individual, team, organization,….) offers you a significant raise in your salary?

  2. i agree with “doesnotmatter” on this issue. clearly anyone who states that they don’t like free agency is a purist who probably started watching sports after watching “Rudy” or some other sentimental, inspiring movie that really has no relation to sports as they are played today. first off, teams treat players like trading cards; they can trade them, drop them, or put them on the shelf at will, then why shouldnt players be able to make decisions for themselves? though i do agree with the above listed statement that sports have become “me me me” it still doesn’t change the fact that the players make the league, and the superstars are the reason for the economic growth/increase of a fan base in any sport. with all of this being said, then why shouldnt a player have the opportunity to play somewhere he and his family can be happy?

    • Ah Mr. Thick, good to see you join the ranks of the dark side of blogofandom.

      I believe there is a Frolov article around here somewhere that you haven’t yet tainted with your misan-Frolov-py. :)

      On this issue, I agree with you. Free agency is a justified part of the sport. It is ridiculous to ask anyone, in virtually any profession, to commit to one place/team/job for their whole career without having a chance to make their own decisions on where to work.

      Now, I’ve heard some people suggest the NHL abolish the draft, and do like world soccer does (I believe… I don’t follow soccer in the slightest) and have players basically start out as free agents, but that doesn’t jive with me. I actually like the system that says, “Hey, you’re a kid, lucky enough to have someone want to pay you to do something most of the world does for fun. You don’t get to choose where initially, so go prove your worth until you are truly a man, and then you get to make a man’s decision on who to play for and for how much.”

  3. sorry took a while to respond..to my responSe.. work got in the way.
    I am a Purist..I like it! I have been watching sports forever..I am old :)
    my father was a Ranger fan.. moved to San Diego I grew up with the Original San Diego Gulls..
    Freddy Hilts the garbage man..and Willie O’Ree..I was a lucky kid! I see an athlete as a person privileged to be able to do something he grows ups loving, and is passionate about, for a living . Their careers are short lived and then it is time for the real world and jobs.
    Then yes, everyone deserves the chance to find the best opportunity one can for self and family. I understand the way sports are marketed today and the competition from other venues to take the American dollar. The urge to find the Big Star, etc. That being said I love this game


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