This is according to Sovssports, a Russian sports website.

What’s more, the same website has stated that Kings left winger, Alexander Frolov has also received an offer though the details of that are not yet known.

The offer to Kovalchuk is interesting because while it is the same dollar figure as that by the Thrashers, the KHL offer is tax free. That is the equivalent of the Thrashers having made about a $15M dollar per year offer.

Regarding Frolov, I am searching to see if I can track down the number allegedly offered. Stay tuned.

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  1. J’espère que l’offre KHL est refusé, et Kovi est à la recherche d’un accord avec les 8 années Kings.It ya beaucoup d’argent si.

  2. Do we need to mandate English only one this site?

  3. Just bored.

  4. I have been encouraged to learn french by my girlfriend,who’s parents are from France and Japan.Since Bobby speaks French,it’s helped her explain the phrazing to a dense idiot like myself,when going through and trying to translate what I wanted to say.Didn’t realize any one would take exception.


    • ha ha, he’s not taking exception Dominick. He’s messing with you. By the way, I don’t speak French well at all. It’s easy to do it on line because you can cheat when you don’t have the word or syntax.


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