If those names mean nothing to you, don’t worry about it, and certainly don’t bother trying to remember them now.

Apparently the Kings failed (or more likely decided not to) sign the necessary paperwork to keep forward prospect Geordie Wudrick and Niclas Anderson in the organization.

I knew little to nothing about Andersen, but I am dissapointed that the Kings will not get to see Wudrick through his development. There was a lot to be excited about in Wudrick. However, he plays the same kind of game as Kyle Clifford, albeit less effectively. Most likely, Clifford made Wudrick kind of pointless. Or Wudrick tailed off. Or Lombardi thought the name “Geordie” (pronounced ‘Jore-dee’) was really stupid.

Either way, so long, farewell.

If you are curious, here are some pages about both players.

Wudrick’s HockeyDB

Wudrick’s HF profile

Interview with Wudrick

Andersen’s HockeyDB

Andersen’s HF profile

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  1. Wow, love the new look guys, good work.

  2. Jesus, I thought the two of them had died after reading the title.


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