Surly may be happy to hear this. He gets a little wet every time Anton’s name comes up. Here is the story from the Washington Post.

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  1. I’ll bet you Dallas, Phoenix and Anaheim all have Volchenkov as their #1 free agent target. I’ve read a report that Anaheim is targeting a shut down defender in free agency, and Dallas’ greatest need has been on the blue line since Zubov left. Phoenix is going to be a player in free agency, and I wouldn’t put it past them to find an eventual replacement for Jovanovski.

    I’m convinced that this move would not only elevate the Kings as Stanley Cup contenders, but it would also serve as a preemptive strike against our Pacific Division rivals. It would be a much harder slap in the face to Anaheim (which has suddenly become soft on the blue line) than a Kovi signing, which is probably why I want this guy in LA so badly.

    • His cap hit is the only rough part. $5M is a lot of money but the A-Train is money in his own zone. If Anaheim gets him, Surly may have to be banned from Orange County for everyone’s safety


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