There’s something cool about picking 19th…it means we made the playoffs and are on the rise. It means we are making progress. It means…predicting who we will pick is a total freaking crap shoot.

At this draft, I bring you Michael Cammalleri…strike that, I mean Jeff Skinner.

5’10”. Yeah right. Try 5’8 to 5’10” and add an “ish.” 182 pounds.

Jeff has blazing speed (ok, so Cammy didn’t). He is not big. He is not particularly physical. He is not known for his defensive prowess. What does Jeff do? Jeff scores goals and he does it with a knack of finding himself open and pouncing on the puck. Skinner used his competitiveness and drive along with a wicked wrist shot and scored 50 goals and had 40 helpers in 64 games. That led the nation. That my fellow Kings’ maniacs is pretty remarkable. You want a sniper you say? Well, on pure goal scoring ability, it’s not going to get any better at #19.

Will his game transition to the NHL? Don’t know. Did Cammalleri’s? Yes.

I am not sure Dean will take a run at Skinner. If Cammy wasn’t Lombardi’s style, what makes us think Jeff is? If however we do pick Skinner with the 19th pick, the Cammalleri comparisons will keep us occupied for years.

Here is a video to keep you occupied in the meantime.

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