Lets clean this up here, since Bobby fell asleep or something. He was probably too busy reading from the cell phone attached to the hand of the Avalanche fan in front of us.

Just because, this is him:

Yes, I know the picture is sideways. Can you blame me for not wanting to look at it any longer than I have to… which by the way, has been the entire damn draft… the Colorado Avalanche should be on the hook for the lasic surgery I now require. Anyways, while picks were being made, Scribe and I were musing at the texts this distinctive gentleman was sending. Things like “these are the dumbest Kings fans in the world” and “these guys behind me are really stupid.”

Alright, enough of that.

At 18 Nashville selected Austin Watson.

At 19 Florida selected Nick Bjugarstilard… I have a Hockey News next me, but looking up his name would require flipping through it, and I refuse.

At 20, Pittsburgh selected California native Beau Bennett (right after Mr. Neck Fold texted his friend “this idiot (that would be me he is referring to) thinks Pittsburgh will select Etem because they need wingers” Hmmm… Bennett is a wiz winger… guess I’m an idiot.

At 21, Detroit selected Riley Sheehan. The arena laughed when the man who made the selection, whose name I forget, had to check his notes after saying “Riley” to figure out who the hell he was suppose to be announcing.

At 22, Phoenix traded their pick to Montreal, and Montreal selected Jared Tinordi.

If I don’t get in a fist fight, I’ll keep posting picks… and maybe more pics.

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