While I don’t have 100% confirmation, it appears all but certain that the Kings have lost a legend.

He came to Los Angeles not just as a talent but a marvel of the ages.

In fact, one could advocate and it would be difficult to argue against that he did not come to us but that we went to him. Went to him because we needed him. Went to him because every NHL team needs someone like him…except there are no others. There is only one.

My heart is heavy.

My eyes are not dry this evening.

I don’t begrudge the limited days.

I cherish the time we had together.

I cherish the moments with which he graced us, those that were and those that could have been.

Goodbye Juraj.

You are the Mighty Mikus.

May your legend bestow upon those ahead what its everlasting legacy has left behind.

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