The Kings lose Frolov, a decision with which I agree.

They fail to sign Kovalchuk…that one could be argued both ways. He isn’t the catalyst to the Cup. He would have been a very nice complementary piece.

They are uninterested in Gagne. Surly can chime in on that one.

I think this whole Kovalchuk thing has given me a migraine and perhaps I am not thinking straight, but are there other prospects out there? I was upset when I read the NY Post article that we did not get him and New Jersey (in a whole new dimension of cap hell) did. I also know that this team will be better next season and continue forward toward the Cup. I am just not sure who fills the void at one open wing position.

Update: so the New York Post has updated its article’s title. If they turn out to be wrong, I will cut their heart out with a spoon.