I swear, I am not making this up. Tim Leiweke has said that the Kings cannot afford Kovalchuk’s counter offer. Notice however that he never says we are out of it. The article implies that but those words never came out of Tim’s mouth.  Don’t believe me? Read this and then return to this article. I’ll wait…

Done? Good. Here is the part I don’t understand. So, he made a counter offer to the Kings’ various offers. That doesn’t mean you’re done boys. It means that it is time for our counter to his counter. That’s how negotiations work. An offer is made. A counter offer is made. A counter is made to that counter and so forth. It’s a big part of what I do for a living (my day job). Sure, walk away from the table, posture, say the negotiations are done, call non-final offers “final” offers, I get it…but unless Kovalchuk’s numbers were last, best and final, then relax. Negotiations aren’t dead until he signs somewhere else. Remember, a couple of days ago, we were not a “choice.”

Then again, maybe it is over and we can move forward. Who the hell knows.

I do know this. Some of my fellow Kings’ fan are taking these Kovalchuk negotiations way too personally and seriously. It’s not worth a coronary boys. If it was meant to be, so shall it be.

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  1. You know this whole drama is making it feel like hockey in the summer. I’ve checked this site, HF, and Insider the same amount of times in one day as during the regular season( and playoffs ;)).

  2. Yes you can Tim Weiweke… you’re part of a multi-billion dollar international corporation called AEG (Anschutz Entertainment Group). Owning arenas, sports teams, HOLLYWOOD entertainment, hotels, business buildings/real estate and more.

    You have the cap space for Kovalchuk and room for your current Kings stars in the future.

    You want the missing piece to a Stanley Cup champion… then sign Kovy to a longer term deal to reduce a hit to the cap if you’re concerned. Done

  3. This guy is acting like a spoiled brat. He wants more money than any team in the NHL is willing (or can) pay. Its getting difficult not to get sour about the whole thing…

  4. What a nightmare.I see this going on all summer,and into the season,if no one intervenes.At some point someone needs to make a decision for everybody.That way the Kings aren’t hijacked,waiting to see if they need to make any moves.Worse case scenario,Kovi comes in after training camp,or doesn’t and we come out of camp not knowing who’ll be here in a month.


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