Brad Richardson will not be going to arbitration. has learned from a very close source that he has signed a one year deal with the team. Terms are yet undisclosed. Brad is likely unconcerned with the potential new CBA. We believe he will be able to showcase his talent with the team that he believes is ready to compete for the Cup in the next two seasons

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  1. Nice! This was one area of concern for me this off season. Richardson had a huge impact on our beloved team last year. Though I was expecting a 2-3 year deal I’m quite happy he’ll be back for at least another year.

    Scribe, is there a connection here? Can we speculate Kovi’s numbers have been locked in, therefore the signing of Richardson.

  2. This is a good deal for the Kings. I too would have liked to see Richardson sign for a couple of years, but we can do it a year at a time, too.

  3. Good job on the Richardson signing. When will Kovalchuk sign?


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