Twiddle-de-dee, twiddle-de-dum, when oh when will Kovalchuk come?

Will he?

It sure seems that he will be a King.  There isn’t really much to state, except that we don’t know.  We have nothing but a virtual media blackout by the Kings. Sure, there are sources. We hear things. Everyone has sources. But in this King Kong vs. Goliath match, only the two guys with their hands hovering over their pistols know the truth. The only thing we can truly do, is ask ourselves some questions.

How will this all end?

There are fascinating aspects of this story and non-story, besides the obvious question of will Kovalchuk sign, for how long and for how much.

Out of the 16 days worth of paint thrown at the wall, which color will prove brightest? Will Helene be the one to break the story? Will a rumor monger be catapulted to legitimacy? Has Hammond’s coyness with his information that he both tells and withholds, been a veil just itching to drop like a bomb?

Today, Petros and Money’s little yellow byte-bird told us that a deal was done, with only structural details to coerce in to order, presumably hovering somewhere around the outskirts of the CBA.

The one that dances told us there was no deal, but later recanted.

Elliott and Hammond have said there is no deal.  While Hammond was less specific than Helene, they both share a syntax of optimism today.

I can tell you this, when we know, you’ll know.

I believe Lombardi will get the job done.

Dean, in your own stolen words, “go ahead and make our day.”

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  1. So do you think there will be a news conference monday?

  2. Yes. I trust Matt “Money” Smith. We need someone to watch the airports for Kovalchuk. :)


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