$3 MILLION = $153,846 PER GOAL

Darren Dreger reports that the terms of Alexei’s 1-year deal is worth $3M with $200k in signing bonuses, for a $3.2M cap hit.  Ponikarovsky has scored 104 goals over the last 5 seasons.  That’s an average of 20.8 per season, or $153,846 each time he scores.  There seems to be a little bit of confusion over the signing bonus, whether the 200k is included in the 3M number or whether it is in addition to it.  Capgeek has it as a $3M cap hit**, so I’m going with that.

What does this  mean?  Who cares, we have a LW.

**(UPDATE: Capgeek changed their minds.  3.2M seems to be the consensus.  TSN agrees.  So I changed the numbers again.  I don’t even care if they change them yet another time, I’m done flip flopping 200k.)

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