From Dave Caldwell of the New York Times,

Jeff Vanderbeek, the Devils’ owner, said Tuesday night that he thought an arbitrator would make a prompt decision regarding wing Ilya Kovalchuk’s 17-year, $102 million contract with the team, which the National Hockey League rejected last week.

“I see no reason why that won’t be done,” Vanderbeek said….

In an interview before a function for Devils fans at a beachside restaurant, Vanderbeek said he would not comment about the Kovalchuk matter either to the news media or to about 150 fans who attended the function.

“They’d like to see closure,” he said of Devils fans.

But the Devils benefited from last week’s news conference at Prudential Center in Newark when the announced that Kovalchuk, an unrestricted free agent, had re-signed. Vanderbeek said there had been a spike in season-ticket sales since then.

That is brilliant Jeff. You are aware that pursuant to the CBA, the arbitrator must make a decision within 48 hours, right? I guess all those years at Lehman Brothers where you pulled in $29 million per year didn’t make you too keen on reading comprehension…or following the law.

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  1. I would love to see them sell all these tickets and then lose the case in arbitration, assuming they get an arbitrator. How could they have screwed that up? Has no other case in the league hit arbitration yet?

  2. Jeff Vanderbeek is telling TSN that he expects a quick resolution to this contract dispute. I’m not sure how he defines “quick” since, had there been an arbitrator in place, there would have been a decision today, and we may not have an arbitrator for six weeks. That’s hardly quick.


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