In an interview with Alexander Medvedev, the Kingpin of the Russian league, regarding SKA Petersburg (apparently that’s an acceptable name for a team) told Pavel Lysenkov of some newspaper in Russia (one can only do so much copy and pasting):

[presumably – we will/would/have/could/should… ?] “easily offer Ilya Kovalchuk a contract for the same 17 years like New Jersey … If Kovalchuk likes number 17 that much.” He also said, “we will have an option so he can choose where to play at the dawn of his [KHL] career.”

I laughed.  Did you laugh?  How cheeky.  Maybe Medvedev knows something we don’t.  Kovalchuk is clinically obsessed with the number 17.  It guides him, it knows him.  Lou must have figured this out too.  Grossman on the other hand is more biblical in his obsession with the number 10.  Loucifer, the symbiont for the diametrically opposed insane.   The second part of the quote is presumptuous, but brings up a queer thing about the KHL.  We think Bettman is an awful oligarch?  Medvedev all but says that “we” (read: he) will force the hand of a club to give Kovalchuk what he wants if it doesn’t work out with the Devils.  Remember how pissed we were when Bettman forced us to give ugly Olli Jokinen in the Palffy trade… in retrospect a just punishment… for the Islanders.  How dare he.  Now imagine Bettman saying (if I may submerge in hyperbole for a moment) “the Kings have to give Modano whatever contract he wants.”  That’s some serious power.  I’d be curious to watch Medvedev do that.  Though he may have already done so separately, what the hell do I know?  The KHL isn’t high on my list of things in which to immerse myself.

OK, you’re ready for the next quote already.

“I haven’t spoken with him [Kovalchuk] myself. I don’t want to make his difficult situation any worse. Instead of taking a rest and training, Kovalchuk has to get ready for a court hearing. And these cases, as we know, are unpredictable. There were a lot of instances when players chose to find a peaceful solution with clubs right before hearings.”

That’s very kind of you Alex.  Not enough people are considering what Kovalchuk must be going through in these trying million dollar times.  I only mean that half-sarcastically.  The last part of the quote though is gold.  Apparently Medvedev did about as much research on the NHL as I did on his league.  This mogul thinks the arbitration is between Kovalchuk and the Devils.  Perhaps he still hasn’t realized that Kovalchuk said he wants to play in Jersey… that he actually willfully signed the contract.  I have to admire such a high density of stubborn.

Or I’m reading it wrong.

(quotes from Puck Daddy)

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  1. Is very creepy this russian Medvedev. Does he do this to Jagr, too?

  2. Blowing this out of proportion. Obviously Medvedev will pay for the contract regardless of which team Kovy chooses. To have the team responsible wouldn’t make sense.

    And no team would deny Kovalchuk a spot on their roster, especially if he’s coming for “free” to them.

    Medvedev wants Kovy’s star power, this is a power move, outside the box, yes, crazy? No.

    Also what’s wrong with SKA St. Petersburg?


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