First their hair, then a finger or two, a couple of toes, now their glove and stick? The Blackhawks are the walking wounded and they may be falling apart faster than a leper on a hot day. Someone hand Bowman a clapper and bell to warn others. I hope this isn’t contagious.

Antti Niemi received a $2.75 million dollar award. You may be thinking what I have been. That seems fair for a Stanley Cup winning goaltender who recorded a 26-7-4 record with a .912 SV% and a 2.25 GAA. Add 7 shutouts to his season and the young prime age of 27 by the end of this month.

Niemi’s camp wanted between $3 to $4 million and the Hawks wanted less. Chicago should consider itself lucky. Yet, rumors are abound that the Blackhawks cannot afford to pay him the award amount (that salary will put them $3 million over the cap) and will either have to sign and trade him or let him go…this of course begs the question, if they can’t afford $2.7 for their #1 goalie, then can they afford any such goalie? What do they believe Turco will sign for? 2? Do they really want Turco, a goaltender a falling team like Dallas tossed away? I am not sure I buy it. Looking at their cap, it’s not a matter of whether they can afford him but whether they can afford not to keep him? What do you think? The Flyers need a goaltender…oh, the irony.

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  1. Rumor is that Turco will sign for $1.5 million. With a solid defense, he could rebound. Dallas had a horrible defense and Crawford as coach.

  2. To what Sydor 25 said: Marty Turco not past his prime, and we know what a terrible ..esp
    for morale, coach Crawford is.
    As for Niemi.. Geez.. the guy stood on his head for the Hawks.. give him some respect!
    this is again why this damn Free Agency and Cap and all that just ruins the sport IMO.
    Players are human and you treat them like shi… and so they start thinking “why think about
    the team and sportmanship…might as well make it ‘all about me’.”
    well you can see this part of the game really bothesr me.. just my opinion.

  3. It is really surreal what his happening with the Hawks. They gather all the ingredients to win a cup then eject half of their roster, including the goaltender that carried them there? This has to be unprecendented in sports.

    What is really onerous is that these moves may not be what they want to do, but it is what they have to do.

  4. Didn’t the Marlins “blow up” their team after winning the world series?

    • Actually you are correct, they did.

      What is happening around the NHL seems sad. Gone are the days of “dynasties” like the Islanders and the Oilers. In some ways that can be a good thing in that any team can win the Cup (wishful thinking here) but makes it very difficult to build and sustain winning teams…

  5. Whoa whoa wait a minute. Yesterday we are talking about the NFLPA and today the Marlins? Oy vey, it must be the offseason!

    Losing Neimi would hurt much more than the other players they’ve lost so far. Their core may be together but a good goalie ought to be a part of that core.

  6. I don’t know, but I just think that 2.75 million to a guy with a whole 42 games under him is a bit steep, his playoff performance notwithstanding. He achieved what he did thanks to the efforts of a lot of guys who won’t be in front of him this season, and he’s too untested to determine how he will react to that. If they keep him at that salary they have to prune from somewhere else, perhaps further eroding his support, and potentially performance. I think that maybe they sign and trade him, and then see if they can get Turco or Theodore to at least give them a veteran presence in net.

    • Is there a better test than playing exceptional in net and helping your team win the Cup? I look at Bryzgalov as a good example. He had little experience, came in and shined in the playoffs, was instrumental in the foul’s disgusting…I can’t even write it, but you know, and he has turned into a legit number 1, in fact, one of the best…and the foul waived him… :)

  7. This is the end of the spectrum where you buy a cup.If we ever win it I would like to see the other end that has us keep our team and compete for years.

    Detroit on 1 end,and Chicago on the other.Both won cups,1 will most likely fall apart.Poor Chicago fans suffered for years,with Chelios,and Roenick leaving as a result.They had a good run for the last 4 maybe 5 years,and now are headed right back there.

  8. the hawks are morons if they let niemi go. he is the real deal. it wasnt just a fluke or a good streak he had going, he s pretty dang consistent. He was a huge part of their success. 2.75 seams like a steal for a goalie of his calibre. I really dont know what the hawks are thinking. They should take this small hit and then put huet (5.6) in the minors and then they would be under the cap correct? WTF? If they need more relief they could dump campbell. Somebody would take him for a puck. The isles? They need to get to the floor. Whats next? are the hawks gonna talk about trading Toewes?

    • Others may correct me if am am wrong, but putting a player in the minors does not affect the cap hit. To send him to the minors he would have to clear waivers.; the Hawks’ only hope of unloading him would be if another team claimed him which may not be likely considering his salary.

    • Others may correct me if am am wrong, but putting a player in the minors does not affect the cap hit. To send him to the minors he would have to clear waivers; the Hawks’ only hope of unloading him would be if another team claimed him which may not be likely considering his salary and play in recent years.

      I do agree with you that he is well worth the 2.75, and they know it. This just shows what a mess they are in…

      • If the Hawks put Huet in the AHL, his cap hit comes off the books, but his salary does not. That’s what one-way, two0way contract means. A one-way contract means that a player gets paid his full salary regardless of whether he plays in the NHL or AHL. A two-way contract means a player only gets his full salary in the NHL, and gets a very small percentage of it if he plays in the AHL. Huet is on a one-way contract, so unless he moves to a different team, the Hawks have to pay the full salary. However, if he gets sent down to the AHL, his cap hit won’t count against the Hawks cap.

  9. Here is an update: WGN in Chicago is reporting that the Hawks have signed Turco for 1 year, $1.75 million. Amazing. Chicago is going to lose its Stanley Cup goalie.

  10. ooooops…

  11. aaaannnd,
    the hawks are morons. dumb, dumb move. they could have soaked up huet’s $$$ to stay under the cap. They had the best attendance in the league last year. They must have the cash. Like father like son.


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