In the midst of my waking life job, I glimpsed yesterday that Anaheim had signed defenseman James Wisniewski to a 1 year deal worth $3.25 million.  About an hour or so later, at my next 5 minute interval of peace, I saw that they had immediately traded him to the New York Islanders for a pittance of a 3rd round pick.

This could mean one of a few things.  They may be down on Wiz and want to sign a UFA defenseman with that money.  They may think next’s year 3rd round of the draft will be the best round of a draft in centuries.  They may not realize how crappy their d-core has become.  The Ducks may need that money to sign Bobby Ryan.  They may think Cam Fowler is the next Doughty.  They may be severely strapped for cash.

Whatever the reason, I can’t help but feel that this bodes well for the Kings.  If the Ducks suck (well, we all know they suck), aside from the self serving satisfaction of watching our neighbors flounder, that is another division rival we don’t have to worry about.  More points for us.  If they are that low on cash, a ~$6.5 million offer sheet to Bobby Ryan (which I think he is well worth on a 4+ year deal) may just work.

Something is up in Anaheim.  One has to imagine a counter move will be made in the very near future.

In other news, what the hell is Calgary doing signing Ian White to a $2,999,995 one-year contract?  Has there ever been a signing so strange and seemingly arbitrary?  Has a team ever gone over the cap by 5 bucks?  Is Ian White paranoid about the number 3?  Is this some strange stubborn principle at work?  Are they just being goofy to screw with the obsessed internet hockey community?  Does it matter?

Not really.

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