If you don’t already know who Quisp is, and why he rules, you’re about to find out.

Read this: Article.

Quisp makes as solid a case as I’ve seen in the Kovalchuk debate.  This argument falls on the side of the CBA, but he also points out the possible holes in his own arguments; the true mark of the unbiased (or in some cases the deviously crafty… but Quisp wrote this, not Scribe).  As is typically for the Jewels From the Crown blogger, the writing is also refreshingly entertaining.


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  1. That was an excellent explanation of why that deal circumvents the CBA. I think that Mr. Kovalchuk is goin’ back on the market! Great stuff!!!

  2. I hope Kovi ends up a Devil and we end up with Parise.I also want to win the Lotto and retire in La,so I can go to all the Kings home games with a super model girl friend.None of that will come true,but I keep hoping.

    Great job by Quisp.Thanks guys.


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