This article isn’t intended to offend the fine nomadic folks scattered throughout North America and Europe since the 9th Century. Surly and I appreciate their contribution to fortune-telling, snake oil, and the finely cursed and blessed jewelry one finds in certain parts of Los Angeles. No, this is about a different type of gypsy.

Let me introduce you to the gypsies at “NHLSourcesSay” dot blogspot dot com. I refuse to post their link here because I don’t wish to destroy our readers’ brain cells. That website proclaims itself as a “hockey insider.” The site appears to have been around since June of this year. It proclaimed yesterday (Sunday) at 9:30am, “Got hands on potential Kovalchuk case leak! If true, arbitrator as decided to reinstate the contract with the Devils. You heard it here first.” This was retweeted by 45 others. Then, today, only hours before the decision was released, the gypsies posted, “The Kovalchuk case leak that was sent to me yesterday is in fact true! Devils/Kovy get contract reinstated.” This was then retweeted by 34 others.

So, is there any ambiguity in the second statement? No. This gypsy declared a fact that has clearly been proven false as unequivocally true. Was there an explanation to its readership? Why yes, ready? “Leak that was sent to me was not correct, NHL wins case, Kovy now UFA.” Brilliant.

Here is my question. Where do gypsies all this come from? Here we are, talking puck among intelligent bloggers, journalists, fans and the occasional players and we suddenly get these rodents in our backyard. Hit them with a shovel and they appear to multiply. What’s worse is that people read this garbage, sometimes unintentionally (like me) and other times to actually acquire what they consider information. It is akin to drinking rat piss to quench one’s thirst. Get a beer out of the fridge people! Leave the piss to the rats.

I am not going to discuss the others who engage in the same type of prattle as this site. You know who they are. The one consistent quality of a gypsy is that they all look, talk and act the same. It’s easy to pick them out of a crowd. It’s even easier to ignore them.

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