Ha ha.

That’s about all I have time to write at the moment.  Bobby will wet your appetite in buffet style for now (he’s already past the salad bar), and later I will write you some sweet treats of my own.  So go ahead and make this your thread for deliciously unnecessary, sinfully full flavored comments.  As it stands, I reiterate – ha.  Ha.

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  1. What happens now? Or should DL and Kings fans just say F*** it ?

  2. So now the decision Devils fans…Kovi or Parise??? You can’t have them both!

  3. What sucks about this whole thing is that the Devils are in the Eastern Conference, when in fact Western Conference rivals Vancouver, Detroit, and Chicago took full advantage without being sanctioned.

    In a way, I am a bit irritated that the Devils were too selfish and probably cost the Kings a similar chance to be creative in their deals with their own RFAs next free agency.

    • That’s assuming any of our players were interested in signing that kind of long term deal. So far, only players in their primes have wanted to sign those kind of contracts. Except DiPietro I guess…. but I refuse to use anything that Islanders have done in the last 15 years as any sort of standard.

      • I might give Doughty a DiPietro type deal if it were within the rules.

        • Oh, I would definitely give Doughty that deal. My question was, would Doughty WANT to sign it? We tend to assume he would, LA Kings sheets on his boyhood bed and Gretzky alarm clock and all. But DiPietro is the only young player to sign one of these super long term deals. Most other kids sign 7-8 years max. The only ones to sign 10+ year contracts have been in their late 20’s or early 30’s. They know the players they are, what they want out of life and hockey. Doughty is still a child, even if he has a man’s ability. Does a kid make that kind of commitment? Can a 20 year old project himself and his desires 15 years down the line the way a 30 year old can?

  4. HAHAHAH!!

    The saga continues!

  5. Koval-Shucks NJ


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