Good news Kings fans. Our Captain Dustin Brown has joined the Twitter community. For those that are unfamiliar with Twitter, it is essentially designed for the A.D.D. generation so that they can communicate (Tweet) with one another on one website about life altering events such Beckett’s dreamy eyes, Kaila’s new boyfriend and whether Surly will ever get a haircut. Fortunately, Twitter is also useful for bloggers, journalists, players and sports entities to tell us what they are doing, have heard, seen and have to report.

Our Captain, O’ Captain Dustin Brown’s twitter page can be found here. Won’t you be his friend? While you are at it, you can be ours as well here.

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  1. Too bad he was traded to Toronto. ;)

  2. It is nice that DB has chosen to live here in Socal year round. Most of the Canadian players, and esp. the European players “go home” for the summer. I can understand that.

    I hope he has a good season coming up. He certainly works hard enough.

    • Brownie is an American – he is from NY if I recall correctly.

      • Yes he’s from upstate NY. However, many US born players in Kings’ history never really made LA home. DB has done that.

        • I just realized what you meant. I went back and read your comment again. As a side note, this would make an interesting article. With the majority of NHL players coming from Canada and the north east of the US, I wonder how many years or decades it will take for there to be enough players who were raised California so that they would stay here. In essence, these players go back home because with the exception of the Kings (or the other team), their entire families are back east or in Canada and until they are old enough to have families to of their own AND enjoy the lifestyle here, I don’t see too many King staying here during the offseason.

  3. I believe Chris Chelios has a place in Malibu, and I thought that Marty McSorley had a place in the OC for awhile. But yeah, it would be cool to have a team in So Cal even half comprised of Californians. The prospects seem to be getting there. I am following Brownie’s Twitter feed because I can’t wait to see what it produces during the season.


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