…and it now being the 17th (12:39am, PST to be exact), any bets on whether we hear something today? Otherwise, he would have to wait a full month. Isn’t obsessive superstitious nonsense fun?

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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kovalchuk and NJ sign another deal today. Remember that he agreed to the 17 year deal on the 17th, but it wasn’t announced until the 19th. That is where they went wrong with the first contract. They need to announce it on the 17th. :)

    I would guess that the cap hit will be around $7 million.

  2. I never considered that Ilya could be a numerology freak, but it all lines up so perfectly. He only gets the 7 in a $7 million cap hit. Bad juju for Ilya!

  3. The 17th comes and goes and no announcement of a signing, and from what I could gather, no Kovalchuk speaking to the media while in Mother Russia. Is it time for the Garden State faithful to panic? This is going all Dany Heatley in a hurry here.


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