For those not familiar with Mayor’s Manor, this article should prove a nice introduction. I am a fan of the Mayor. I have sat near him in section 119 many times. His calls to the opposing players are entertaining and, sometimes, wildly hilarious. Mayor recently did a short interview with Fowl member, Bobby Ryan. I have commented in the past that I like Bobby, not just because of his parents’ excellent taste in names but also because he is one of the few Ducks that doesn’t come with an Anaheim stench.

I won’t reproduce the entire article here because, quite bluntly, I want you to visit the Mayor’s site. I did enjoy this little nugget:

“If you’re not amped up to go out on the ice at Staples Center, the fans right there behind the bench will get you. It’s a rivalry that does kinda fall by the wayside at times, as maybe it should, when you look at San Jose and the runs they’ve made the last few years…maybe people are focused on them. But, it’s for bragging rights when we face off with LA. It’s a tough one for me too because I have so many good friends on the Kings, not just from the Olympics, but from Owen Sound – in Simmonds and Richardson and other guys I’ve gotten to know. I definitly text those guys after games, whether we win or lose, and say “We’ll get you next time.” or “We had your number tonight.”

Click on the link at the very top for the full interview.  You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Offer sheet from the Kings? Do it Dean!


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