Alexander Ovechkin stated on Radio Sport today that quite a few players on the Russian National Team pay money to someone to be on the team. He didn’t elaborate to whom that money is paid.  “Right now in Russia, money decides everything,” and when asked about the future of sports in Russia, Ovechkin responded, “you walk by a school and see young people with beer, cigarettes, they’re not interested in sports.”

Sounds a lot like Newark…what? Come on, that was funny.

Our special thanks to Dmitry Chesnokov for breaking this news.

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  1. That is because Russia is drastically effed up! This is supposed to be a step up for them from when supposedly elite players were identified as early as possible and then spent the rest of their useful career to Mother Russia playing nothing but hockey 24/7, 365 days a year, with all their needs tended to by the team, yet were considered amateurs, till they went to play for the Red Army team. Crazy stuff, crazy people.

  2. Russia? Corrupt ? No shit.

    No doubt this is a stab at Kovalchuk, kind of a “ha ha I got more money than you…”

  3. Makes you wonder if Alex and Ilya will have to pony up to play for the homeland in the next Olympics?

  4. Or maybe pony up just to avoid swimming in a lake with some cement booties…

  5. So what has Ovie got to gain from putting this statement out there? It’s kind of like saying that people in the WWE take steroids, but you don’t say who.


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