Rumors are circulating from some credible sources (not Eklund) that the Devils may be shopping Elias. If true, it is likely a prelude to signing Ilya Kovalchuk but, more importantly, a possible indication that they cannot do so without a trade and dumping salary. If any team out there bails out New Jersey from their inept contracts, Surly will personally drive to that team’s arena and burn the f’in place down.

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  1. hater hahahahahahahahahaha just get over it he didnt want to play for ur mickey mouse orginization

    • I appreciate the attempt at humor. Mickey Mouse is a Disney creation and is associated with Anaheim. We are LA. Organization is spelled consistent with this sentence or, if you are Canadian, organeyezation. There is no “orginization”, unless that is a Newark version of the word prompted by chemical dependance, poverty, a quickly approaching bankrupt municipality and hockey arenas that are 1/3 empty. You are however correct. He did not wish to play for our organization. He, or better stated, his agent preferred a fine enterprise like that of New Jersey that post lockout has accomplished nothing but lose more money, more fans and, most unfortunately, relevance to the new hockey landscape, all the while having the distinction of being the only hockey franchise that is essentially a criminal enterprise when measured against the CBA. This may come as a surprise, but most Kings fans hope the Devils sign Kovalchuk. Watching the armpit of America toil in its own feces while losing its best player in Zach Parise should bring a guilty pleasure.

      • Listen to what he said…….The Kings are really a Mickey Mouse organization. They will never be more than an average team that currently have some good and not so good players. Listen, Mr. “In Denial-We will win the Cup”………uhhhhh……………NOT, no NOT this year, next year or the year after. It will never happen. Their ownership sucks and in the next few years will continue to loose players who will come in on their own and excell on another team. Further, winning the cup could not be done with Gretzky and half of the Edmonton Oilers and it will not be done with this team or with its current prospects. That is right MR. Smooth talker (or should I say writer), how dare you call New Jersey the Arm Pit……Look at Los Angeles. Take your nose out of your ass and look at Kings history. There is absolutely no denying it. This team is not a winner and has never been one. And don’t tell me to go to the Pond and root for the Ducks. I hate the Ducks, but, hey…they at least won the cup. Yes, I am a disgruntled Kings fan, if you call it being a fan. But I am only telling you what I have been seeing since the late 80s. So, in final, I doubt that New Jersey will loose Parise if Kovalchuk is signed and I doubt that New Jersey is the armpit that you say it is. What I do believe is that loosing Kovalchuk has left a sour grapes taste in your mouth. You do write a pretty story, but really …. wake up and smell the roses!!

        • I would never tell you to become a Ducks fan. You are far too agitated to be around children.

          So you disagree with me. That’s cool. Hope to see you at a game someday. I will be the one who has loved this team for over 30 years and still do. You’ll be the other guy.

          …and I speak prettier than I write.

          • Can’t wait to read where Kovalchuk , Mitchell, and the remaining free agents sign, or excuse me, what “arm pit” city (as you call it)…….As the “other guy” would say, I bid you good night…….Oh yeah, Go Kings.

  2. The sad part is I love Elias. The same can not be said for the above commenter.

    Speaking of Mickey Mouse, I heard he visited Newark and got shanked by Goofy.

  3. Okay first off where do you guys even get the balls to call the Devils a criminal enterprise???? Its called a loop whole…and Lou the greatest Gm ever in NHL history exploited it.

    Newark..let me ask you this have you ever been to Jersey???

    If not you have no clue what you are talking about…Lets compare LA’s crime Vs ours im sure you guys beat the entire state of new jersey… And about Zach…you actually think that Lou wont have him as a devil next year…man you guys are so lost on this one….

    • Been to Newark many times. Been to many other parts of Jersey many times. Tenafly is a nice place. The Shore is cool.

      Newark sucks.

    • Actually, you were searching for loophole, not whole. A loop whole is a whole different type of hole. Is it common for Jersey men to mistake one hole for another? Unless of course it was intentional. That then opens up a whole bunch of other questions.

  4. Let me know how that rebuilding is going???? i think you guys have been at it since what 2003…hahahahahahahahahaha Vancouver and San Jose will own ur asses again this year

  5. I’ll take my wife’s word (and the rest of the hockey communities) on what an armpit Newark is. She was from Joisy, and every time we visited family back there, I got us hopelessly lost trying to drive around the damn place. Made it rather obvious why the mob would hang there…you can’t find $hit in that place.

    It’s ridiculous for the Devils to gut the heart of the team, just to sign that prima donna Kovalchuk. Elias now and Parise will be next. Dean, are you listening? Make a play on these guys!! Bring your checkbook!

  6. Joisy…hahahahahahaha…

    Okay fist off if you guys even follow hockey next year lang wont be back, arnott wont be back, thats already enough to resign zach…

  7. gee guys.. you hit a nerve here.. very intertaining I must say.
    not defending nj fans for a second but whenever I stumble across a blog
    that is slamming LA, I usually feel obligated to let my feeling be known.
    nj fans and the rest have no idea.. I am smiling right now thinking of our future..
    GO Kings GO !!!

  8. There’s nothing like offseason trash talk! ;) Keep it coming boys!


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