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In the latest “injured prospect” update, Hextall revealed that Vyacheslav Voynov has a shoulder injury and is “not going to be healthy at the start of the year.”

Murray noted, in what shouldn’t be a surprise, that the Kings would not consider carrying three goaltenders and that he would prefer to limit his No. 1 goalie to a range of 55-58 games next season.

Murray singled out Kyle Clifford and Brayden Schenn as “hungry, both looking to crack the lineup this year” and said that he had spent a significant amount of time this summer watching video of the Kings’ forecheck and breakouts from last season, looking for a way to improve the 5-on-5 offense.

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  1. That’s not good news to hear. I was kind of looking forward to getting a look at this kid in action. This is not good for the Monarchs at all.

    That then begs the question of which goalie is on the market?

  2. Ersberg. He’ll be waived at the end of camp if Bernier doesn’t completely screw up and get sent back to Manchester.

    Hopefully, Murray will let the defensemen be more active in the offensive zone. It’s good to hear that Murray is working on the offensive system to help with the 5-in-5 scoring.


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