This is from Monday’s article so to some of you, this may be old news. From the Toronto Sun (check the bolded section), see below. Are you surprised? Makes you wonder who else testified. Special thanks (again) to Dmitry Chesnokov for the lead on this story:

Now this was probably perjury: One of Clemens’ key moments in speaking to Congress was when he talked about missing a party at Jose Canseco’s house because of a golf game and instantly produced a receipt. The receipt should have been questionable on its own. Those who know Clemens best know this: In his playing days, he never paid for a round of golf in his life … The Clemens case, should it proceed, will be of particular interest to Blue Jays fans. Much of the steroid period in question revolves around his time playing in Toronto … Little known fact: Among those who took the witness stand to support the NHL’s case against invalidating the Ilya Kovalchuk contract was Brian Burke … Should Jose Bautista hang on for the major-league lead in home runs, he’ll become just the second Blue Jays player to lead the bigs in homers. Jesse Barfield hit 40 in 1986, the only time a Toronto player has been first in homers in all of baseball. As of yesterday, Bautista was six home runs ahead of Albert Pujols with six weeks to go … Tell me how this makes sense: The Minnesota Twins lose their MVP, Justin Morneau, and have won 26 of 38 games since … Nobody times their goodbyes better than the very capable Keith Pelley. He leaves CTV/TSN still riding the success of the Vancouver Olympics to become president of Rogers, knowing full well that the in-country excitement of Vancouver, not to mention the medal haul, can’t possibly be duplicated in London two years from now.

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  1. I’m guessing that the word against is some sort of Freudian brain fart thing there. Unless there are the letters PA missing after NHL, and he came in on the side of the union, which is highly unlikely. Was Burke trying to scuttle the contract because he believes in the sanctitiy of the CBA, or was he merely trying to get the high scoring Kovalchuk, out to LA and out of his division? Makes you wonder who the hell else was there.

  2. I d0n’t understand how to use the attributes listed to change the font either (e.g. bold text).

  3. Finally looks like their is an end in site:

    dchesnokov NHL decision expected w/in 24 hrs RT @EJHradek_ESPN: NJ owner Vanderbeek, NJ GM Lamoriello & Kovalchuk’s agent Grossman met with NHL execs.

    Rumors are that the contract is between $84-91 million for 12 or 13 years. We should know tomorrow.


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