With the training camp fast approaching, its almost (but not quite) time for roster/line-up speculation fun.  Lombardi will most likely be making another move or two before the season begins, but regardless, there will be some open spots for hungry rookies to nab in camp.  The defense has lost O’Donnell and Jones, and added nobody.  The forwards are down Frolov, Modin and Halpern with only Ponikarovsky to fill the gap so far.

Schenn, Clifford, Lewis, Loktionov, Fransson, Muzzin, Hickey and more will be battling it out the fill out the Kings’ 4th line and 3rd defensive pairing.

How many rookies do you think we will see on the opening night roster?  Discuss in the comments who you think will be the lucky ones to skate on NHL ice?

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I’m going with 3.  Clifford, Schenn, Fransson.

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  1. I take it you feel that Drewiske is not going to be competitive with the rest.

    • Is he technically still a rookie? I Don’t think of him as one. I’m a big Whiskey fan and think he will definitely be on the roster. Whether Murray plays him or not is a different story…

  2. Bernier is my best guess for a rookie to make the club. Beyond that, it’s so difficult to speculate with such a crowded field.

    Knowing how Lombardi guards his assets and leans more toward development, I have to believe the forwards who make the team will be Lewis, Cliche and Moller. Although I think that Holloway and Kozun will get called up for a few games. My gut tells me that Lombardi will keep Schenn and Clifford in Juniors for one more season, but that only assumes that neither player completely blows away the competition in training camp.

    I also think Fransson will make the team with Hickey and Muzzin battling for that last spot to keep Greene’s spot warm.

  3. Call me crazy but I think Whiskey will play a little more this season. His developement is a year ahead of any of the other rookies on defense. I’m not sure what to think of Fransson. Hickey and Muzzin impressed me, but I didn’t see enough of them to form a well rounded opinion of my own, and can only go off of reports that I’ve read. Lewis and Moller have got to be close enough to challenge. Some Manchester fans have mentioned a few others, so it makes for a very exciting camp this year.

  4. Bernier would be a lock to make the team in my opinion. While we question his rookie status, I agree that Drewiske should also claim a spot on the roster. Beyond that perhaps Lewis, Moller or Schenn could have a shot.


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