File this under “what the hell?”

Apparently, Huet and his absurd $5 million dollar contract may be coming off the Blackhawks’ cap hit for this coming season by loaning him to the Switzerland team Fribourg-Gotteron for one year. A Swiss site (“20 minutes online”) has confirmed the signing although his agent has not. The NHL has cited to the Swiss site’s report in their official annoucement.

So, this isn’t cap circumvention? I suppose they could have sent him to the minors or AHL affiliate and taken the cap off the books that way as well, right? What the Fribourg-Gotteron is going on, you ask?

More to come…

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  1. No, this is not cap circumvention. This is getting rid of a player that is not performing to his contract. He doesn’t have a NMC, so they could have “loaned” him to their AHL team. Since nobody in the NHL wants him on their team, Chicago found a team in Europe to take him for a year.

    Cap circumvention is signing a player to a long-term contract that neither party expects to be fulfilled.

    • “Cap circumvention is signing a player to a long-term contract that neither party expects to be fulfilled.”


      Cap circumvention is anything that circumvents the cap. Boom!

      (translation- whatever the hell Bettman thinks it is)

      Is this Huet thing circumvention? Nah. Paying someone $5 million for the year for doing absolutely nothing for your organization is a pretty harsh penalty itself.

      • Actually, it is whatever Bettman can get an arbitrator to agree with.

        Bill Daly has already said that Huet going to Europe is no different than assignment to the AHL.

  2. Idiotic sums it up to me. Backhawks have just about totally imploded their Stanley Cup team.

  3. Actually this doesn’t seem all that different than loaning him to the AHL and taking the cap hit off that way. This must have been something that he was more agreeable to than to simply go to an AHL team. Some of the euro players do seem to have a thing about the AHL.


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