And just like that, the team that was virtually the same as the one who got kicked out of the first round, is markedly improved.

Today, the Kings’ announced that they signed Willie Mitchell for the next two years with a salary (and cap hit) of $3.5 million for each year.  The 33 year old, beastly defensive stalwart, missed half of last season with a concussion, which kept the otherwise prized bruiser on the UFA market for longer than his talents would warrant.  Impressively, the Kings beat out the San Jose Sharks, Washington Capitals and Vancouver Canucks who were oft rumored interested in Mitchell’s services.

Congrats to Nick Kypreos for breaking the signing, beating the Kings’ official twitter and the mushroom by a cool twenty minutes.

The offseason just took a big turn for the better boys and girls.

Analysis to come later… after work.

For now, remember this?

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  1. Don’t forget that dancing boy was the first to put Willie and LA together…

    Great signing by Dean, well worth the cap hit and risk. The one area the Kings can take a risk on is the defense. This should give the prospects an extra year or 2 to develop in the AHL. No need to rush one of them into a top 4 role. This leaves all of them competing for the #6 spot and a temp for the #5 spot until Greene gets back.

    Good thing that Dean kept the salary the same each year, we don’t need the NHL to reject the contract. ;)

  2. Toews is one of the classiest players in the league and a potential super star in the making. He exudes Captain material. With that said, what a great hit

  3. I think that this is a great signing, and a reasonable cap hit. Dean has taken a lot of flack, for what many see as an unproductive summer, and I think that he went a long ways toward making it up there. I love the clip of that hit on Toews. That was fantastic. If he can give us a few of those along the way, we will have some exciting hockey to watch.

  4. Dean seems to have carefully thought this out. Given all the crap he had to deal with during the Kovalchuk affair, I hope this is redemption for him. It looks like Mitchell will make a contribution, and hopefully a significant one…

  5. Mmm, did somebody say “mushroom”?


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