Rumors are circulating from credible sources that a few hours ago, the New Jersey Devils submitted a “proposal” to the league and the NHL has given a thumbs up to it. I don’t know what “proposal” means but nobody is using the word “contract” yet. If true however, then this has finally passed the conceptual phase and reached imminent resolution.

I think I speak for most hockey fans when I say, if true, thank goodness and for the sake of the New Jersey Devils’ fans some of whom have no doubt been on suicide watch, it will be interesting to see if your team took a bath on this one. Hopefully Lou had enough common sense to not let his team take a $7.5 million + cap hit.

So, what do you think the cap hit and numbers are? I am guessing 14 years, $98 million with the final 3 years totaling about 8 million of it.