We all remember that Kovalchuk’s camp Russia gave a 24-48 hour deadline (which by itself I find amusing because by its very nature, it is not a “deadline” but a timeline) for the NHL to say yes to his holiness of puck or else he is bailing for domestic pastures (domestic to him, foreign to us). Well, the NHL has the contract but they also have 5 days to review and respond. How does this all work? Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is that you should do a little more homework before giving deadlines…or timelines. Even better, Kovalchuk may be true to his word and bail tomorrow when the 48 hours passes. That will be oodles of fun if the NHL turns around on day 3 0r 4 or 5 and confirms the contract. By then, I am guessing Grossman may have just offed himself.

I am having too much fun with this and I need to stop.

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  1. I think that the league should put on it’s best poker face, and wait at least 72 hours before announcing anything. The whole five days would be best, but I don’t want to hear anything from them till the timeline is well past. If they give in to the timeline, they are well and truly gelded.

  2. Bobby, do you see a downside to the NHL rejecting the 2nd contract? If they approve it, then there is a definite line and it appears to be Hossa’s contract and the win against the 17 year deal is worthless. If they reject it and lose the arbitration, then we would still be back to the Hossa deal being the “line”. But if they win another arbitration, the league would pretty much put an end to these contacts until the next CBA.

    Do you think that the NHL is actually worried that Kovalchuk might leave for the KHL if they reject another contract?

    Obviously, NJ didn’t learn anything by getting the first contact rejected with 5 “illusionary” years by reducing the contract by 2 years. Did Kovalchuk suddenly decide to play 15 years instead of 12?

    • This is actually the topic of an article I intended to write tonight. I may still get to it. The issue you raise in the first paragraph has been on my mind most of the day.

  3. A lesson in saving face…

    IK: By my estimate, most folks will have forgotten about this whole farsky in a year or two. By then, Marty will be sitting on the front porch getting even fatter and I’ll have memorized all the necessary answers as to why we didn’t make the playoffs… Hey, Zach, come here and talk to these guys.

    JG: Cha-ching! Oops, I mean, wow, how low of the NHL to pick on me and my clients. Anyway…. Wasn’t that cool how IK scored 40+ goals? Sure, NJ didn’t make the playoffs, but just wait til next year. You’ll see.

    LL: The Devil — er, that is, my owner — made me do it. Don’t forget, I got these here rings! How can you point the finger at me? Umm… Errr…

  4. So if the Twitter birds are saying there will be nothing out of the NHL on the Kovalchuk contract before Monday…He should be tossing vodka shots into the fireplace with his Russian agent over his new KHL contract…shouldn’t he?

  5. I didn’t get that out right. I know two Russians would drink the vodka first…as would I! I’ve always wanted to throw the glass into a fireplace though. I don’t know if that’s an actual Russian tradition, but you used to see it a lot in old movies.


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