We all remember that Kovalchuk’s camp Russia gave a 24-48 hour deadline (which by itself I find amusing because by its very nature, it is not a “deadline” but a timeline) for the NHL to say yes to his holiness of puck or else he is bailing for domestic pastures (domestic to him, foreign to us). Well, the NHL has the contract but they also have 5 days to review and respond. How does this all work? Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is that you should do a little more homework before giving deadlines…or timelines. Even better, Kovalchuk may be true to his word and bail tomorrow when the 48 hours passes. That will be oodles of fun if the NHL turns around on day 3 0r 4 or 5 and confirms the contract. By then, I am guessing Grossman may have just offed himself.

I am having too much fun with this and I need to stop.