First off, I’d like to apologize for the last poll.  It was lame.  It sucked.  Let’s all move on, shall we?

Where to?  Sure we could go on and on about Kovalchuk some more, but this is a “Kings poll”, not a “coulda been a King Kings’ poll”.

So, with Willie Mitchell’s signature freshly dried on his two year contract with Los Angeles, and everyone concerned about the level of pulp left in Mitchell’s gray matter, lets have a poll about games played for the Kings’ newest blue liner.

Will he miss the perfunctory few games due to amorphous maladies or locker room bugs?  Will he suffer the Williams-esque freak injury and miss and handful or more?  Will he succumb to Smythian wear and tear and go down for longer than we’d like but not so long that we can’t handle?  Or doth yonder doomsday profits speaketh wisdom, foreseeing a shattered Mitchell’s skull whence thine first heavy hit cometh?

In short, how many games will Mitchell suit up for this coming year?

Click on the “Kings Poll” tab to cast your vote!

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  1. I’ll go with 78.

    • 78 is fair. I’m thinking something like 70-75. He plays too tough a game not to get a little beat up. I don’t think he will get seriously injured so much as play it safe when he is borderline hurt. The warrior that he is will make him want to fight through every bruise he takes, but the wisdom gained from his last concussion that he spoke about to Hammond, along with having missed the entire playoffs last year, will make him take it easy and save the hero maneuvers for the playoffs, where it really counts.

      I also don’t think he will get hurt and miss a bunch of games in a row. I think he will probably miss a few games here and there throughout the season (which is consistent with his injury history). I’m good with 70+ games. Gives the prospects some opportunity to step in for a handful of games here and there. If he plays less than 65 I’ll be annoyed.

  2. I am thinking this is a bit of a jinx post and poll for those so inclined to believe in such things, which I do not but I do know someone else does…

    • You can’t have it both ways Scribe.

      The addendum to each answer is the feather that balances the scales away from jinx. And if it were a jinx, they subtly tip in favor of the positive. That’s the beauty of jinxes, I make them work for me.

      Now, not wearing a jersey to a game. There’s a jinx!

  3. I went with 70-79. I think it’s just a given with the type of rugged game that he plays he’s going to miss a few games here and there. I mean look at the clip where he gets hit in the face, and in the ankle on the same shift, and then tell me he’s not going to miss a few games.

  4. I am not going to venture a guess as not to f*** up his Karma.

  5. I made a guess,but then felt guilty doing it, so I won’t reveal my guess. Does that qualify as superstitious?

    If so I may have inadvertantly doomed him. Maybe the Hockey Gods don’t base their devine intervention on 1 foolish fan.


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