First off, I’d like to apologize for the last poll.  It was lame.  It sucked.  Let’s all move on, shall we?

Where to?  Sure we could go on and on about Kovalchuk some more, but this is a “Kings poll”, not a “coulda been a King Kings’ poll”.

So, with Willie Mitchell’s signature freshly dried on his two year contract with Los Angeles, and everyone concerned about the level of pulp left in Mitchell’s gray matter, lets have a poll about games played for the Kings’ newest blue liner.

Will he miss the perfunctory few games due to amorphous maladies or locker room bugs?  Will he suffer the Williams-esque freak injury and miss and handful or more?  Will he succumb to Smythian wear and tear and go down for longer than we’d like but not so long that we can’t handle?  Or doth yonder doomsday profits speaketh wisdom, foreseeing a shattered Mitchell’s skull whence thine first heavy hit cometh?

In short, how many games will Mitchell suit up for this coming year?

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