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  1. Do we have any reports on the fine Lou has incurred on the Devils for the circumvention? Or is the amount and time of delivery up to Bettman? Also you have to wonder if Bettman will call the 5-day ultimatum purely to show all viewers the NHL is not to be pushed around by KHL money.

    • I do not believe there is a time limit. That is why the Devils submitting a questionable deal seem like a bad move to me. The NHL already has the green light to fine the Devils up to 5 mil that counts against the cap 2011-2012 and/or take away draft picks. If the Devils play nice I suspect no fine will happen, but if the Devils try something stupid the league can (if they want) bring down a fairly large hammer.

      If I were the Devils, I would not engage in this game of chicken. I would submit a deal that had the leagues super double secret seal f approval. If the Devils have submitted a deal that the league will/may reject, I must assume that Kovy/Grossman would not budge and the Devils feel trapped.

      As far as the 5 days that is in the CBA. Now if it is 5 working days or 5 actual days, I am not clear. If the NHL does not reject the deal within 5 days (during the offseason), it is approved.

  2. I’m going with the elusive maybe for Kovalchuk’s 2nd contract. The league will register it and then say that it is open to “investigation”. This way when he retires in 2022, the league can be mad that he didn’t finish the 15 year contract.

  3. Kypreos released the breakdown of deal #2:

    2010-11: $6 million
    2011-12: $6 million
    2012-13: $11 million
    2013-14: $11.3 million
    2014-15: $11.3 million
    2015-16: $11.6 million
    2016-17: $11.8 million
    2017-18: $10 million
    2018-19: $7 million
    2020-21: $4 million
    2021-22: $1 million
    2022-23: $1 million
    2023-24: $1 million
    2024-25: $3 million
    2025-26: $4 million


    That contract is just silly. I agree with the GM that said Lou is trying to hide a crime with that contract. No way Kovalchuk plays 3 years for $3 million just to play 2 more years for $7 million. He could leave for the KHL at 38 and make a lot more than $1 million.


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