Well sports fans, the NHL has until 5pm EST today (but maybe tomorrow, Wednesday) to decide whether to give Ilya Kovalchuk’s latest deal with the Devil’s its stamp of approval, or to send this never ending story into limbo and Kovalchuk to a place far worse… Russia.

So, this could be your last chance to take a stab at guessing how this will all come to end, or if it will come to an end at all.

Rumors have it that if the contract is rejected, the Devils are out, Kovalchuk bolts to Russia, and Bettman gets to play in a corner by himself with all the marbles left behind.

Nick Kypreos has announced via his twitter that the new Kovalchuk submission has lopped 2 years off the tail and bumped the salary in the final 5 years from $2.75 million to $10 million, with an average of 2.6M the final the 3 years and a curious base salary of $4 million in the last year of the supposed contract.  He says:

The league can call the 2nd Kovalchuk deal many things… but a “retirement contract” isn’t one of them…

Darren Dreger reported today that an anonymous NHL GM said the Devils and Kovalchuk are attempting to “disguise circumvention,” and that “trying to hide the crime, makes this even worse.”  Not so shockingly this same GM speculates the deal with not be approved.

Devil’s fans across the interwebs hold strong and fast that there is no way the league will deny this contract as well.

The rest of us watch with bated breath, curious to the outcome, poised with tears or jeers.  Many stopped caring altogether a month ago.  Who the hell does this Kovalchuk guy think he is anyways?  He acts like he’s the biggest free agent ever…

So, what do you think?  Here’s a poll on the matter.

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  1. The NHL has until 5 pm Wednesday to make a decision. They don’t have to announce it at the same time either.

    • OK, I was wondering if it was today or tomorrow. I’ve seen it printed in various places as both today and/or tomorrow. Contract was submitted Friday, yes? So Fri (1), Sat (2), Sun (3), Mon (4), Tues (5). Today would be the 5th day, unless the count started on Saturday, or they are going by some goofy Jew-esque rule about sundowns.

      As far as announcing it goes, I can’t imagine they will reject it but not announce it within the 5 days, because inaction on the matter is the same as approval. If they were to decide to reject it, but not say anything, then as soon as tomorrow’s deadline passes everyone is going to jump to the conclusion that they approved it.

  2. I would have hoped that the Devils would have submitted a deal that the league had given its pre approval. The twitters coming out and teh Kovy threat make me wonder if that is the case. If the league rejects the new one, I wonder if the NHLPA will fight it.

    The 4 years at the end seems like a gimmick. They would have been better served to spread that money out over the last three years. However; if it says 15/100 but really means 10/89 or some, other number like that, the league may say goodbye to Kovy.

    To me it seems like the NHL said you have to make that last year higher, so the Devils took money from years 13 and 14 and added to year 15.

    • You would think.

      The last year at $4 seems to just stick out like a sore thumb if true. Like a big taunting carrot for the league to grab and rip up.

      Its almost as if they said to Kovy, “OK, after the ten years are up, how much of the $100 mill are you willing to leave on the table?” Presumably Kovy said “$10M” and from there Lou/Vanderbeek/Grossman went by the 50% rule to get it as low as possible, but put as much as possible on the final year. Money Kovy still has no intention of ever earning, but the most possible to make it look like incentive to finish out the deal.

      Of course, Kyper could be wrong and the deal looks nothing like this.

      But, if we go by Kypers numbers, and the final 3 years average to 2.6, then there is 7.8MM in the last 3 years, but only 2.2M in years 11 and 12 if there is also 10MM in the last 5.

      So the contract would look something like this in the last 5 years:


      That seems like a big slap in the face to Bloch’s ruling.

  3. Don’t you suppose that they are going to take 5 [b]business [/b] days to respond to this thing, that would make the deadline Thursday and not today. I think if they’ve waited this long, we are going to get another rejection, and poor Kovy will go crying back to Mother Russia. He already looks like a tool in this thing anyway. He neutered himself by not living up to his own timeline anyway.

  4. Does Wall Street know something the rest of us fans don’t, with Jim Verbeek and the Devils mascot ringing the bell on Wall Street today? And look closely at the right ear of the Devils mascot, it looks like he has a cigarette stuck up there.

    Screw Ilya!

  5. It is 5 calendar days, but the day of submission doesn’t count as a day. It is 5 “full” days. Same as the NHLPA’s decision about the original grievance. The NHLPA waited until the “6th” day as well, the first contract was rejected on Tuesday and they announced their decision on Monday.

    I agree with the GM that said this new structure is worse by trying to “hide” the circumvention with that stupid $4 million final year. Who do they think that they are fooling? This is still a 10 year deal for $90 million.

  6. Kypreos released the breakdown of deal #2:

    2010-11: $6 million
    2011-12: $6 million
    2012-13: $11 million
    2013-14: $11.3 million
    2014-15: $11.3 million
    2015-16: $11.6 million
    2016-17: $11.8 million
    2017-18: $10 million
    2018-19: $7 million
    2020-21: $4 million
    2021-22: $1 million
    2022-23: $1 million
    2023-24: $1 million
    2024-25: $3 million
    2025-26: $4 million

    That contract is just silly. I agree with the GM that said Lou is trying to hide a crime with that contract. No way Kovalchuk plays 3 years for $3 million just to play 2 more years for $7 million. He could leave for the KHL at 38 and make a lot more than $1 million.

  7. This contract should be $78.7 for 10 years. 7.87 cap hit. Fine, let them have two years at 1 mill. 80.7 for 12 years. 6.725 contract. Nothing wrong with that contract. Good cap hit, reasonable term, damn good money, several years at absolute top dollar.

    And gasp… 6.725 is almost the same as the new cap hit of 6.67. But its not bogus. This obsession with the magic numbers, 17, 100 million, 10 years. If Kovy is willing to settle on ~80 over the 10 years, which if he signed this contract he is, then why not just make the 10 or 12 years without this insistence on artificially booting the total to make it a 100MM contract? It makes me believe more clearly that this is all one big battle of egos. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the conversations between Lou and Vanderbeek.

  8. On second thought, I did lazy hasty math and it was wrong.

    Yup, neglected to add one tiny little year of 11.3.


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