So, the NHLPA and NHL have decided on Friday, 5pm, EST as the extended deadline. Rumors and reports are rampant around the web. The NY Post has the most interesting of them, claiming that the NHL has given the NHLPA an ultimatum. This wouldn’t completely surprise me considering Donald Fehr just took the helm. Bettman is testing the new guard and its resolve. Each day, the Kovalchuk situation is becoming less about the present contract and more about leverage going into future negotiations.

Regardless, I am certain of this. It is September 1. Training camp, Frozen Fury and the 2010-2011 L.A. Kings’ hockey season are days and weeks away.

I am entering the don’t give a rat’s behind about Kovalchuk phase of all this.

I can see the sheet of ice.

I want to take a deep breath and savor every face off, pass, shot, hit and goal to come.

Give me 18,000 of my brothers and sisters within Staples with one cause.

High fives between Surly and I.

Our fellow Kings’ fans, our readers, our kindred blood in puck.

Show me Kopitar’s wicked wrist shot for a goal, Brown steam rolling an opposing forward, Simmonds making his case for the Selke, Smyth and Handzus planting their behinds in front of the goalie, Doughty the King of defenseman, Jack Johnson coming into his own, Greene and Scuderi have a warrior in kind beside them in Mitchell, Quick stopping pucks, Bernier taking the first strides toward stardom. The Kings winning…a lot.

It’s time to move forward.

What do you say boys?

Are you ready?

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  1. Here here.

    I know its about time for hockey when you let out the poet.

    However, until I am watching them with my own eyes, the Kovalchuk situation serves as quite a nice distraction. This offseason, while torturous in many ways, flew by quicker than most others, because there was something of interest to me besides the Kings.

    By Frozen Fury (which let’s face it, is when the season truly begins) I will be fresh, and ravenous for Kings’ hockey.

  2. here here!.. and I hope for a GREAT Training camp with MINIMAL injurys!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Game on mother f&$kers!!!! Can’t wait to smell that cold ice air… So excited

  4. It’s like they didn’t get a Dany Heatley situation this off season, so they went and created one, and they are squaring off for the CBA negotiations way ahead of schedule. You can just hear someone whistling the theme to The Good The Bad and The Ugly in the background. There has to be an ultimatum in there somewhere.


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