All the major media players are confirming that the NHL and NHLPA have reached an agreement concerning future contracts that allows approval of the Kovalchuk contract and potentially grandfathers in the others (Hossa, Pronger, Savard, Luongo) under investigation. No confirmation yet as to the terms of the agreement between the league and the player’s association.

So, Ilya Kovalchuk is a Devil…but who, at the end of all this, is the Devil? No doubt that answer lies in the details.

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  1. Another question… who isn’t a devil now?

  2. Can we officially say that you were wrong about Kovalchuk signing with LA? ;)

    BTW- The NHLPA Executive Board still needs to vote…what if they vote no and the Kovalchuk contract has already been approved! Well played, NHLPA…

    • Yes. I was wrong and I too am a victim of Grossman’s deception and Lamoriello’s crimes :)

      Seriously though, who would have seen this coming, right? Of course, now NJ can have the fun of shedding a few million dollars of weight in the next 30 days or so just to get at or below the cap. I am happy Kovy is a Devil. The words rot in hell seem oddly appropriate.

      • I will agree that normally an $80/13 year contract would win the war for an UFA. No one knew how crazy Vanderbeek was until the $102/17 contract was released. I’m okay with losing out on Kovalchuk. The Mitchell signing definitely turned around the Kings off season. The Kings are finally stacked on defense and Bernier/Quick should be a top goalie tandem.

        So, did Lou and Bettman create this whole drama to get what they really wanted? They both wanted a way to close the loophole on long term contracts and Lou got his player for an under $7 million cap hit.

      • That’s an excellent question, Sydor. That would seem to smack of collusion between the two of them. Wouldn’t it be sweet if someone could actually prove that it was the case. I would love to see Bettman ridden out of the commissioner’s office on a rail.

    • So there’s still a chance, however slim, that this could still get f***ed up. Then we get to revisit all this in two years. Lovely. It seemed to me that there would have to be some sort of wider union participation in this than just a boardroom agreement.

  3. Still don’t care.

  4. Who would have thought that Kovalchuck wouldnt have a contract until September 3rd 2010? Crazy how things play out.

    Go kings!

  5. Soooooooo they didn’t wait till Tuesday?


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