It’s a week away.  This year its taking place at Toyota Sports Center.  There will be panel discussions and Q & A’s, some goofy activities, autograph sessions, beer and the first on ice skate for rookie camp.

Are you going?

I’m not planning on attending, but will be there the following day on Sunday for rookie camp.  I feel silly not attending the manufactured opening of Kings’ hockey.  On the flip side, it seems a little silly itself.  I leave it to you guys to try and convince me otherwise.

A silver sharpie Bernier signature would look pretty sweet on my black Bernier t-shirt.

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  1. You didn’t have the right answer in there. I would love to go, but real life has conspired to keep me home. It sounds like a blast, but I just can’t swing it this year.

  2. I will be there although I do not believe I have the mental capacity to formulate a question worthy enough for D.L. or T.M. Just enjoying the atmosphere and excitement about our organization be will be great.
    Oh! and…
    I’ve been wearing number 32 since the early 90’s Surly! Bernier is amazing but i still need it proved.

    • Love the #32! Both of ’em, but Hrudey was my favorite King next to McSorely and Robitaille growing up.

      Had the Bernier shirt since his first brief stint in the NHL. He’ll have to prove himself to be worthy of buying his jersey. Until then (unless ofcourse I cave and grab a Simmonds jersey first), its Kopitar to games, Palffy, Gretzky and Robitaille in the closet.

  3. Went last year, and enjoyed the panels. Not as many or as interesting ones this year. Still it is the first chance to feel hockey. Get to hear some stories from the players views.

    • I would love to go but got somewhat of a limited budget for tickets. Would rather use the money to purchase tickets and see a game.

      I hope the Kings do better at home this year. Last year they were sub 500 in the games I attended (might just be my bad luck). Having said that, last year they were a great road team…


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