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  1. Ya Willie!
    Did i see our boy in a classic chevy Jersey? Got to love it. Still think the kings 3rd Jersey is the best looking jersey we’ve ever had .

  2. That was one hell of a fish he caught there. They should have grilled it, but I guess letting it go is cool too. Way to go Willie, that’s a great charity for him to be involved in.

  3. Is it wrong to make the joke I’m thinking about the “Canucks Autism Network” and its membership of Canucks’ fans?

  4. Neat. This guy has left the Canucks but still participated in a charity event. Must be a class act.

    FYI I have wondered if those two dickheads in green spandex had some mental problem.

  5. I caught a bit in the clip where Willie was the co-founder of that charity, so it is great that he still supports it, and even cooler that he showed up to do it in Kings gear. And Surly, while it probably is wrong to make the joke you are thinking of, I hope you do it anyway!


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