The kids are on their third drill of camp.

As they were getting on the ice I yelled ‘Cliff looking forward to ya buddy!’  He gave me a crooked smile as of to say ‘i will eat you.’

Observations so far:

Weal has a hell of a shot and a good stride.

Muzzin is heads up.

Loktionovs skating has improved.

Videos to come later along with a summary of the GM Breakfast.

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  1. I was looking at Weal’s stats in the roster guide you posted, and that kid could be a hell of a player.

  2. Loktionov is quick but he just seems too small to me.
    Heard they are giving a hard look at Johan Fransson
    who played for the Swedish Elite league.

  3. The stats on Fransson were pretty impressive. He put up a lot of points.

  4. 11 goals and 19 helpers in 54 games. That’s not too bad

  5. Fransson didn’t impress me much. Trouble handling the Puck.


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