These were all taken on my phone.  Impressive for something that is supposed to be for talking to people, but still kind of crappy.  I apologize.  I will attempt to bring a real video camera tomorrow if they let me.

First up, some photos.

My man crush, Kyle Clifford.

Brandon Kozun, such a cutey.

The Group getting ready for the next drill.

And on to video.

Since everyone was asking about the goalies at the Q & A this morning with Dean Lombardi, Ron Hextall and Jeff Solomon, I’ll start the video portion of your evening with a nice long one from behind the net.  You get a good view of all three goalies here (Martin Jones, J.F. Berube, Garret Zemlak), as well as a nice dose of me being chatty.  No one has ever mistaken me for quiet.  Brooding, at times… maybe.  But never quiet.  There are some good drills in this video.  Lots of focus on traffic in front of the net and shots on point.

Here we have the first passing drills of the day.

This is one of my favorite videos, since they began the contact portion of the skate.  Some nice board battles, and a good look at Jordan Nolan using his size.   At the beginning, and later on faintly on the left, you can see Dean Lombardi, whose face was often so tightly glued to the glass that I could write the CBA on the fog he spawned.  Ron Hextall is next to him.  J.F Berube (75) skates gingerly off the ice, Corey Elkins (47) hobbles to the bench after what looks like twisting his ankle and does not return, and Andrei Loktionov (48) scores one of the few goals of the session. Linden Vey (57) has a nice goal.

This video has some center ice entry and passing drills.  Good looks at Nicolas Deslaurier (80) and Jacob Muzzin (85) and further confirmation of my increasingly unhealthy obsession with Kyle Clifford (64).   Jordan Weal (60) scores a nice goal, showing off his sniping skills.

Left Wing breakout drill.  My man Clifford scores a goal.

At long last some 5 on 5 play.

And finally, some corner angle footage of 5 on 5 play play and good board battles.   Nolan (71) shines again.  Some stern words from the coach (not that you can understand him).  Kozun (51) shows off his speed.  Jones sees a lot of pucks.

Hope to see you there tomorrow!

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5 replies

  1. Whose the guy you are talking to on the first video?

  2. Any observations on Hickey?

  3. You got some great stuff there, Jacob. Weal looks good, he has a great shot. Your guy Clifford also looked pretty sharp. It was surprising to me that Fransson looked so bad, maybe the jitters. Hopefully he does better tomorrow, because he’s had good numbers, according to that roster.


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