Thomas Hickey was the 4th overall pick in 2007 draft. Management has commented that he is ready to make the team. If he can do so and excel, he can become an important piece of the Kings’ defensive depth. After sleeping on it, I decided watching Thomas today is critically important to any fair analysis. Thus, I will be focusing on one player and only one player in day two of camp – Hickey. I will bring you analysis and videos later today.


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  1. That makes sense to spend the last day of the event focusing on the guy that management is touting coming into the event. At the same time, I hope that Weal and Muzzin have as good a day today as they had yesterday, and maybe get an invite to the big camp as well. You got great stuff out of there yesterday, so I’m looking forward to what you get today.

  2. My comments are purely from Sunday’s practice,

    Weal seems very immature, and got some talking to during and after practice. Crashed into one of the kids there on tryout, and seemed pretty shaken up. Crashed during skating ovals… not a drill…basic, seemed like the kid we all played with, cocky, out to show us up, rolling his head and eyes when he doesn’t score or look good, as if it was the first time ever. If that’s what he brought to rookie camp, first cut, he’s on it.
    Muzzin everything there, accept, less ego more awareness. I heard he blistered Elkins on Saturday with a slap shot, well he got Clifford and Pelech. Both at the top of the circle!!!! Hitting your own players in the offensive zone when they are not near or around the net, shows more concern for the power of his shot than the shot itself. Kyle Quincey didn’t get 30+ assists 2 years ago from destroying the puck, and Jarret Stoll created quite a bit of chaos for us last season with hard blocked shots. Besides that, very impressed.


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