Before we get to the plethora of moving and jittery images, I want to be up front in that I think this batch pales in comparison to yesterdays viewing.  Not as a result of the drills or the prospects themselves, on the contrary I saw a lot of good things out of many players today, and enjoyed the different set of drills the coaches employed.  However whereas yesterday’s camp took place on the Olympic rink, today’s was on the NHL ice.

If you’ve been to Toyota Sports Center, you can skip the next paragraph.

For those that have never been to the Kings’ training facility, the difference between the two rinks is that the Olympic rink at Toyota Sports Center is much less restrictive for viewing.  The NHL surface has bleachers, but also a thick white protective net.  Not the mesh like at NHL arenas, just a plain, annoying white net.  Without having access to the team/media only areas, you can only perch yourself from about 40% of the rink’s angles, versus a cool 65ish% on the Olympic surface.  Point being, it was much more difficult to get a good angle here, and many of the drills skewed on the opposite side of the ice.

OK, enough of that pointless rant.  Time to watch some very talented teenagers.

Let’s not save the best for any time other than now shall we?

Some vigorous 5 on 5 play:

11+ minutes of more shooting, rushes and traffic drills.

Here we have some shooting drills.

These are some  dump-in retrieval and entry drills.

5 on 2 offense drills.  A good, short little video.

I’m not even sure if this is worth posting, since most of it takes place at the opposite end of the rink and is hard to see, but there are a couple of good little moments and a quick look at some player’s skating strides.

These are some corner retrieval drills that took a long time for the coaches to explain.   Overall, the coaches did more lecturing today than yesterday, particularly towards the end of the practice.  This was around when I started to notice that Johan Fransson was having a much better day.  While this was nice to watch live, its a little crumby for video here since they opened up the whole ice surface and changed lines, so there was only action at my end for half the time.

And we will end with the finale of the morning session of Rookie Camp Day 2.  Some fun rushing drills and if you are interested in how players skate, I recorded most of the final round of laps.

Scribe or myself won’t be able to attend the third and final day tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed these highly amateurish videos and were able to glean enough to form some of your own opinions on our young up and coming crop of prospects.  It is always fun, revealing and deceiving to watch these camps.  At worst, you see flashes of either brilliance or ineptitude that is an aberration in a player’s game.  At best, you get to catch a glimpse at future careers.  Either way, you always get to know first hand what kind of a game these rookies play that we hear about much more than we see.

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5 replies

  1. Thanks for the info!

    Was just wondering how Toffoli looked today?


    • He is a sniper. Skating appears to be the issue and possibly a big one but Surly watched him more than I did so he can fill you in.

    • Toffoli is a very interesting player.

      He has size.

      He has great hand-eye coordination.

      He has a blistering shot.

      But he is the epitome of a goofy, lanky teenager. A big, athletic boy, but his body is far ahead of the rest of him. I agree with Scribe that his skating is his weak point. His isn’t very fast, top end or acceleration. However he likes to be near the net.

      Just going off the two days I saw him, he is 3 or 4 years away from cracking an NHL roster, but seems like the kind of guy, with his size and skill, to become a deadly top 6 forward. Who knows if he will progress as such, but I can see him being a Jeff Carter type – a big forward, with a great shot who doesn’t use size as much as you’d like.

  2. Toffoli appeared to have more than just his shot!!

    Good puck possession skills under pressure

    Made some good decisions with the puck rather than shooting, mature choices for a guy that can snipe.

    I see him playing for team Canada this and next season.

    Unless, he takes some Robbie Glantz clinic’s, and makes the team next year!!!


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