A short Drew Doughty video by Alyonka Larionov…she is very easy on the eyes. I am sure Drew said something during this video, but I’ll have to watch it again to find out what it was while doing my best to look to the right of the screen.

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  1. heidi can’t hold a candle to Alyonka… damn!

  2. That is one very hot reporter. I hope they don’t hit her in the head with a puck, like we did with Heidi Androll. It’s great that the league is pushing Drew as one of the hot new stars. We were getting beat to death with Sid and Ovie, so it’s nice to see a King being promoted like that.

  3. Ah, yeah, Heidi. Moving on did you catch the Cammillari’s blurb?

    What a stiff. And how clever to have invested his personality in his socks. But sure looks better after the plastic surgery.

  4. ” personality in his socks”

    I don’t know which came first, the athletes feet in his socks, or the stinky personality.


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