Standouts were, in no particular order, Johnson, Mitchell, Doughty on defense and Kopitar, Smyth, Simmonds, Clifford, and Nolan as the forwards.

Of course, as Lombardi said to us “yeah, everyone looks great now, but see if you’re complaining a month from now.” I reminded him to think positive. All is good.

Going to go defrost outside now.


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  1. How did the Clifford-Schenn-Moller line look in the 2nd session? That could be the 2nd line of the future.

    • Pretty good. Clifford of course looked the most ready. Moller appeared to have put on a few pounds, which he badly needed. Schenn was just ok. Nothing spectacular. He may have been taking it easy. As a line, it’s not fair to judge yet because the center may have been holding back a bit.

  2. Great to hear that Simmonds came into camp firing on all cylinders. Also a good report on Clifford. Thanks for doing this for us.


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