This may be a bit weighted, since you probably don’t bother to peruse the internet for maniacal Kings’ fans blogging incessantly unless you do care.

However tonight’s preseason game put a quick little thought in my head.

Do you really care about the preseason?

Do you follow it?  Do you feel the games have any importance to them beyond extra practice?

Vote in the poll and lets find out.

Beyond the poll, I am also curious how you feel about evaluating young players and prospects based on these games.  Do you think they give us a good idea of their capabilities or does it really just warp us our perception, based on the incredible small sample size?

For the record, I care.  I don’t care so much about the win/loss column as I do the level of compete in the players.  I want to see hunger and desperation.  I want to see players push themselves to their limits and overcome their nerves.

As for evaluating players, that’s a dicey situation.  Hints and inferences can be made, but as an example, at Frozen Fury two years ago, with Drew Doughty and Thomas Hickey paired together, I thought Hickey looked like the better defenseman.

That either means that we should evaluate these players cautiously and not zealously based on these few games, or that I’m a buffoon.

It could also mean that I was a few beers too deep at the time to be drawing conclusions about anything, hockey or otherwise.

Probably some combination of the three.

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  1. I agree that wins/loses don’t matter in the pre-season, but it is still nice to see a very young lineup fall behind 2-0 and not give up. Bernier wasn’t very sharp, but he still found a way to keep his team in the game long enough to get the win. I don’t know if the penalties were BS or not, but it sounds like the Kings took Murray’s mandate to play a possession game to heart, if you don’t have possession, you aren’t drawing penalties.

    Hickey got a lot of PP time and only was able to produce 1 goal in 10 tries, including 2 5-on-3’s. Stoll sounded in mid-season form with the number of shots wide on the PP. :(

    • I can’t blame Hickey for the Kings going 1 for 10 on the PP. That was a team failure. It may be that these guys never really practiced the PP together. Hickey may have been told to put the pucks down low and let the forwards bang them in. Preseason games are not about wins and loses. Sometimes they want to work drills in a game setting. If this was a regular season game I would be upset.

      It was a shame that the Avs got caught up chasing Zieller around. It was nice to hear them win against a much more veteran team. The Vegas game will be more of a real game than this one was (I hope).

  2. wow, I care. The season can’t start soon enough for me. I was listening to the game last night and wondered about the Westgarth fight. Read today that the other player had a jaw injury from the fight. These are things we should know! how our guys are doing. Preseason gives me any excuse to get back in the game. Just love it.

  3. I definitely care, and would prefer to see them, as opposed to simply hearing them. These are the first chances to see if the drills are working, and particularly with roster changes, you want to give these guys time to work out the kinks and develop chemistry, without the pressure of two points hanging over their heads. I think that they need to make more of a commitment to at least get the preseason games streamed. I want to find options to watch Monarchs games as well.


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