This may be a bit weighted, since you probably don’t bother to peruse the internet for maniacal Kings’ fans blogging incessantly unless you do care.

However tonight’s preseason game put a quick little thought in my head.

Do you really care about the preseason?

Do you follow it?  Do you feel the games have any importance to them beyond extra practice?

Vote in the poll and lets find out.

Beyond the poll, I am also curious how you feel about evaluating young players and prospects based on these games.  Do you think they give us a good idea of their capabilities or does it really just warp us our perception, based on the incredible small sample size?

For the record, I care.  I don’t care so much about the win/loss column as I do the level of compete in the players.  I want to see hunger and desperation.  I want to see players push themselves to their limits and overcome their nerves.

As for evaluating players, that’s a dicey situation.  Hints and inferences can be made, but as an example, at Frozen Fury two years ago, with Drew Doughty and Thomas Hickey paired together, I thought Hickey looked like the better defenseman.

That either means that we should evaluate these players cautiously and not zealously based on these few games, or that I’m a buffoon.

It could also mean that I was a few beers too deep at the time to be drawing conclusions about anything, hockey or otherwise.

Probably some combination of the three.