I woke up this morning with a curious, though not unfamiliar sensation.

As the night’s crust congealed near the corner of my eye in morning goop, only one thought ran through my head.  Perfunctory work rituals barely registered.  Loosely tethered dreams quickly cut their ties for good.  The rumbling in my belly echoed faint and distant.  Circadian rhythm can wait.

This day brings Kings hockey.

It’s just a little preseason, but it’s still good.  It’s still good.

The squad may be split, but I’m wholly excited.

Though we cannot watch our Kings take the Pepsi Center ice against the Colorado Avalanche tonight at 6:00PM, we still feel some of that game day excitement.  While there is a bitter little envious chunk of my thoughts that scowl at full scale broadcasts for Canadian team’s preseason games, I still feel lucky to listen.  So tune in tonight to KTLK 1150 AM to hear Nick Nickson and Darryl Evans bring us the first taste of LA Kings hockey.

Even though they can’t hear you, you must still make yourself heard.

Go Kings Go.

For the first time of 2010-2011,


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  1. I was hoping that the game was going to be audiocast on the team website, but I see this is not so. I will just have to fire up the radio and listen in I guess.

  2. The KTLK streaming over the internet works pretty well. You can also listen with an iTouch or iPhone using a free app called “Iheart radio” via WiFi or 3G connection.


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